Anil Gonuguntla, aka Anil Chanakya

Anil Chanakya hails from Guntur of Andhra Pradesh and is one of the finest and most successful political strategists for the current political trend in India. His expertise assisting national political parties in candidate selection and election guidance has been exceptional. He works closely with more than six state Chief Ministers in India.

Anil Chanakya’s Childhood

Anil Chanakya completed his primary and higher education at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV), Ongole, renowned for producing responsible individuals for society and equipping them with leadership qualities and entrepreneurial ideas.
Anil got his early life experience with excellent leadership qualities from his mentors and his interest in keeping curious about how an individual can bring so much impact to society.
He later graduated from JNTU Kakinada with a CSE specialization—an engineer by academics and an entrepreneur, leader, observer, and strategist by interest.

Anil Chanakya’s Career

In the third year of his graduation, he registered “The Corporate Chanakya Group.” He wanted to discuss his ideas, strategies, insights, and resources to assist individuals aspiring to become entrepreneurs or leaders. Later, his vision grew to help leaders with political consulting and campaign management.

Anil Chanakya, a Political Strategist

With his passion for understanding familiar people and their behaviour toward their leaders, Anil used his skills in analysing and researching the commoners’ views and insights to build political strategies for election campaigns. 

First Opportunity

In 2013, he gave his first survey report for MLA candidates using his academic skills; introducing data analytics for research was new when others followed the same old traditional survey approach.
Anil recommends actionable insights performing deep data analytics on the data segments that influence individuals in building positive POV towards the leaders.

2016-2017 MLC Elections, Andhra Pradesh

Working for MLC elections in Andhra Pradesh is another excellent opportunity to showcase Anil’s skills in assisting leaders with election campaigns and necessary actionable insights from the public survey.

Anil Chanakya's works define his excellence

Anil Chanakya, with his team “Corporate Chanakya,” has been into political consulting and election campaign management for about eight years and has excelled in playing a pivotal role in providing crucial indices about candidate selection.
Anil Chanakya’s approach to his successful candidate selection guidance 
A five-step process of corporate Chanakya assists leaders in understanding the demographics of a region and making wise decisions. Each step provides essential information regarding candidate selection and campaign success.

“Research, Strategy, Operations, Technology, and Transformation”

Anil has worked with many national and regional parties for the past seven years. 

Key takeaways from experts helped me succeed

Anil has been working closely with the top industrialists, and maintaining good connections with these individuals enabled Anil to learn and understand things well regarding public perception.


Working with Chandra Babu Naidu Garu, Anil was impressed with his decision-making skills and believed the right time to make wise decisions can positively impact the commoners. Babu’s vision and patience towards the goals are excellent qualities Anil wants to follow in achieving goals despite hardships and overcoming them. Getting closer to the people will add significant value to the leaders.

Chandra Babu Naidu

Pramod is a proactive decision-maker, and Anil observed his impressive dedication to the party.


Anil believe that Rangaswamy followed simplicity and stayed connected with people to become successful.


Anil praises Sivraj’s hard work and dedication to serving people experiencing poverty, and Shivraj’s vision about commoners’ concerns and implementing new policies to offer financial and societal wellbeing.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Anil understood voter resource management and how literacy and the caste system work in different regions to decide election success.

Adityanadh Das ( Chief secretary of Andhra Pradesh)

Anil practically experienced how the caste equation works and what caste polarisation is. He clearly understood caste histories from long ago and how they impact political systems.

Ranveer Singh Krishna